Whatever Is Of Good Repute – Spoken Well Of & Commendable

April 3rd, 2024 – Wednesday Afternoon

“Finally, brethren…whatever is of good repute…” ~Philippians 4:8a,f

Sometimes these filters of the mind can be a bit tricky; just as our last one was only used once in Scripture, so the Greek word used here for “good repute” or “commendable” is only used once. That being said, the word or phrase comes from two other words that have the general meaning of: “Good, well” and “Fame, report”. Thus, putting those words together into our phrase today, we can find the idea that things that are of good repute or commendable are things that are or would be well spoken of if they were out in the open (instead of just in our minds).

How do we apply this layer of protection to our thought processes and lives? First off, remember that all the layers of filtration apply congruently; whatever is well spoken of is also right, true, just, noble, lovely, etc. Secondly, remember that our risen Savior, faithful Father, and Wonderful Counselor serve as the ultimate authority and evaluator of what is truly well spoken of and of good repute. Finally, just as with the other layers, application requires obedience and diligence; it involves taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, not just a few here and a few there. The transformation of the mind leaves no area untouched by the conviction and power of the Spirit of God and the sharp piercings of the Word of God.

So, are you thinking on what is well-spoken of by God and His Word? Are you allowing and instructing your mind to dwell on that which is truly commendable? Remember that if you have been made alive in Christ through the power of His resurrection then you are a new creation who is to be separated from sin; your body is a temple of the Spirit of God, and you now have (or are to have) the mind of Christ. Don’t waste your time on what is not of good repute; instead, let us think on what is spoken well of in the sight of God and man.