Understanding All Things

“Evil men do not understand justice,
But those who seek the LORD understand all things.” ~Proverbs 28:5

I love Proverbs. There is such an abundance of truth and wisdom contained within this book! Take this verse as an example… People who are focused on the world and driven by its demands and enslaved to the power of sin and death cannot understand what true justice entails. Yet, those who seek the LORD understand justice and every other right thing there is to know! Why? Well, let’s see…who owns justice? Who has all knowledge? Who is the Righteous Judge of every person? You got it! The LORD God Almighty is the Sovereign over everything that exists and He has the corner on truth, justice, and every understanding. The book of Proverbs (and the rest of God’s Word) reiterates this over and over again.

The amazing thing is that God allows human beings to share in that understanding, even if it is not complete in depth or breadth compared to His. As the verse above indicates, those who seek the LORD gain His perspective. To say it another way, those who set their minds on Jesus and abide in Him gain the abundance and riches found in Him. These are not necessarily riches in a material sense, but they are riches of wisdom and knowledge (Colossians 2:2-3), which are far more important and valuable.

We are in the season of Christmastime. Perhaps you have seen this phrase somewhere or received a Christmas card with it on it: “Wise Men Still Seek Him”. This isn’t just a catchy phrase or a mysterious saying; it is reality. As our verse above (and the summary of Proverbs and all of Scripture) says, if you want to be wise and have the right perspective on life, seek the LORD.

So what are you seeking? What has captured your mind and what is appealing to your heart? Is it something or someone who is leading you deeper into the paths of rebellion and a darkened understanding? Or is it the Wonderful Counselor and Prince of Peace? Wise men (and women) still seek Him, and they do it with all of their heart.