The Sovereign, Omnipotent Friend

November 2nd, 2021 – Tuesday Afternoon

“The LORD said, ‘Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do…'” ~Genesis 18:17

Isn’t this an interesting verse? It provides us with another example of the personal and accessible nature of the LORD God while underscoring the fact that He is infinite, powerful, and active. Think about it…

The LORD talks to Himself. I don’t think I have ever thought of that aspect of His character before, at least in this way; this isn’t the only example of it in Scripture, either. I don’t know that we ought to make a doctrine or theology out of it, but it is an interesting and important observation nonetheless. The fact that God communicates within the community of Himself (Father, Son, & Spirit) displays His wisdom, logic, and personalness.

Yet, the question that He asks Himself reveals some of the depths of both His relationship with Abraham and His utter prowess and sovereignty. The former is seen in how His question is asked in a way that seems to indicate the apparent wisdom of revealing His plan to Abraham and also in how He delineates His plans and purpose for Abraham afterward (see v. 18-19). The LORD’s prowess and sovereignty is clear in this question because what He may tell Abraham is what He is going to do and it is within His ability to hide the information from Abraham in the first place. The LORD is not asking if He should get Abraham’s opinion or if He is able to do what He intends to do; rather, He is asking if He should fill Abraham in on what He has already purposed to do, what He is capable of doing, and what He is indeed going to do (and did do).

I am so thankful that the LORD is not a distant, far off god who isn’t omnipotent, who is impersonal, and who isn’t wiser and higher than me! Praise the Lord that we can trust Him and that we get to know Him as a Father, Friend, and Redeemer because He has included us as His saints and children through Christ Jesus! And, while we are not privy to all of His plans, purposes, and ways, we have gained access to His throne of grace and to His powerful Spirit.

May we rest in His good care and rejoice at His love, nearness, and majestic holiness. He is God and we are not; yet, He gives His wisdom, His Word, His peace, and His Spirit to those who fear Him.