The Pursuit And Confrontation Of God

Written July 27th, 2021 – Early Tuesday Afternoon

“Then the LORD God called to the man, and said to him, ‘Where are you?'” ~Genesis 3:9

This verse is almost comical when you consider who is asking the question in it; do you really think that the Maker of heaven and earth doesn’t know where one of His creations is? Of course He knew! It is along the hilarious lines of Jonah trying to flee from the LORD; there is no way you could ever escape His notice or eye. Yet, despite its humorous nature, this verse (and the ones that follow) reveals a much more serious and thought-provoking reality: The LORD God not only knew about Adam and Eve’s sin (and ensuing consequences), but He loved them enough to pursue them and confront them.

Think about it. The LORD had already told Adam and Eve that in the day that they ate of the forbidden fruit they would die. He could have struck them dead or ground them to powder – immediately – because of their rebellion and disobedience, but He did not. They died alright (in the spiritual sense), but He kept them alive physically and proceeded to deal with their sin and excuses because of His great love for them. We will look at His covering of their shame next time, but right here and right now we can see His care, His tenderness, and His wisdom.

It is possible that you are under the heavy hand of the LORD’s conviction or that you are reaping some costly consequences for your sin; remember that the LORD is merciful and gracious and that He desires your repentance and rescue through Christ Jesus, not your destruction. Perhaps you’re mindset is much different…you are aghast at the sin of others, desirous of their disaster, and intent on their rebuke and punishment; remember that the LORD is merciful and gracious and that He has been tender and compassionate to you – after all, if you are reading this, He hasn’t ground YOU to powder yet!

Quite seriously, praise the LORD for His mercy, His grace, and His tender mercies! May we respond to Him immediately and reflect His character, through His Spirit’s control and power, to those around us.