The Purposeful Creator And Us

July 6th, 2021 – Tuesday, a little after noon

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” ~Genesis 1:1

Thus begins the most important and influential Book this world has seen. Does it matter how it begins? Absolutely. In the crazy and deceitful times in which we live it is that much more important to understand our beginning, our end, and our purpose. If we do not know the beginning of the story, we are missing a crucial and extremely formative part of our story and the grand story of life. If we ignore the beginning and the One who began it, we will easily lose our way and become confused and disoriented in the midst of the turmoil and treachery of our day.

Without further ado then, what is the significance of this passage? First, this passage indicates a definitive starting point; since time as we know it involves the earth and stars, time did not exist before they existed. It was when they were created that time began. Second, since God created the heavens and earth it is clear that He already existed prior to their creation. He is not a creation of the cosmos or of beings within the cosmos; no, He is the Creator of it and them. Third, since GOD created the heavens and earth it is plain to see that He was and is capable of much, much more than we can even begin to understand. All of the splendor, majesty, and raw power that we see in the universe came about because of Him who is outside its scope. It is under His dominion.

Finally, since God created the heavens and the earth we begin to understand that He is a purposeful God; all one has to do is open his/her eyes and observe the creation. For instance: Take a closer look at water…or a tree…or dirt…or the atmosphere…or at mathematics…or any created thing within the heavens and earth! Such order! Such design! Such goodness! He is the creative and intentional Creator God!

Let us live today taking comfort in the fact that we were placed within a purposeful creation that functions in so many good ways because of the Creator God who loves us and desires our good and His glory in Christ Jesus. Praise His holy name!