The Omniscience And Justice Of The Perfect One

Written August 9th, 2021 – Early Monday Evening

“He said, ‘What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to Me from the ground.'” ~Genesis 4:10

If you have been reading these devotionals recently, you will recall that we delved into the LORD’s mercy in confronting Adam and Eve; He did not allow their sin to go unnoticed and unpunished, but questioned them directly about it. As we see in this verse here, the LORD does not let the second recorded sin to slip by either; no, He questions and confronts Cain with the murder of his brother.

Beyond that, however, we also see the omniscience and justice of the LORD in this passage. If you look back to verse 9 you will see that the LORD has already questioned Cain into a corner and given him an opportunity to confess his sin. Here in this verse the LORD goes further (since Cain is refusing to confess) and reveals His knowledge and perfect understanding of what has transpired. He calls Cain to recognize his wrongdoing (“What have you done?”) and He informs Cain that his wicked murder is known and that it demands justice (“crying to Me from the ground”).

This verse highlights some of the fundamental attributes of God’s character and it serves as both an encouraging reminder and a terrifying warning. Let’s look at the attributes first: 1. The LORD is omniscient – He is all-knowing in all ways; nothing escapes His attention and nothing happens without His knowledge. A good illustration of the depth of His knowledge and understanding is found in Job 38-41, and the summary of it is found in Romans 11:33-34. 2. The LORD is just; in every way, to every degree, and with everyone, He executes perfect justice with perfect timing. No one gets away with anything and no injustice or wrongdoing (both sin) will be unsettled or unaccounted for by Him; see 1 Peter 2:23, Psalm 9:7-8, and a plethora of other passages.

How does the truth in this verse serve as an encouraging reminder and a terrifying warning? First, because God is all-knowing and perfectly just, we can rest in the fact that when we suffer harm, injustice, and every other form of wrongdoing that He is the final Judge and authority. You and I do not need to seek our own vengeance or worry that someone somehow is going to get away with what they’ve done to us. Second, because God is all-knowing and perfectly just, we ought to be terrified of His wrath against our own sin and intent on treating others with His mercy and grace. The terror has been removed in the cross of Christ for those who have been identified with Him, but there remains a healthy fear of the LORD that helps us to honor Him and walk in His righteousness instead of the foolish way of the flesh.

Is your heart heavy because of the load of sin you are carrying? Turn your eyes upon Jesus and find His death and resurrection sufficient to redeem and refresh your soul. Are you burdened with the sin of others? Are you angry and upset with the trouble and injustice you have endured? Are you tempted to sin? Does your situation seem to justify the temptation? Remember the omniscient LORD of all whose perfect justice endures forever. Cry out to Him and trust Him. Not only will you be set free, but you will be equipped to live each moment in accordance with His perspective.

Thank you, Father, for Your complete knowledge and perfect justice!