The LORD’s Hearing And Power

May 13th, 2022 – Friday Afternoon

“Isaac prayed to the LORD on behalf of his wife, because she was barren; and the LORD answered him and Rebekah his wife conceived.” ~Genesis 25:21

This verse reminds us and informs us of at least two things about the character and nature of God: First off, the LORD hears the prayers of His people and His ear is attentive to their cries. Isaac, already given the place of favor in the LORD’s eyes, had married Rebekah – his second cousin – after the LORD’s miraculous orchestration of events [of which Abraham’s servant was a part]. However, as we see in the context of this passage, there were married for 20 years before Esau & Jacob came along. When Isaac pleaded with the LORD on Rebekah’s behalf, the LORD heard and responded to Isaac’s request. The result of Isaac’s prayer and the LORD’s answer was that Rebekah became pregnant. The LORD hears the prayers of His people and He is attentive to their cries.

Secondly, the LORD is the One who opens and closes the womb. As mentioned above, Isaac & Rebekah were married for 20 years before their twins were born. Twenty years is a long, long time for many things, especially when we are talking about a newly-married couple waiting for offspring! The 19 or so years of uncertainty, disappointment, and emotion must have been difficult (and possibly filled with shame – given the time period, culture, and situation). Yet, God wasn’t forsaking His people and He wasn’t oblivious to the many tears that Rebekah (and Isaac) must have shed; He knew and He cared – just as He always does. At the right time and in accordance with His mercy, grace, and sovereignty, He answered Isaac’s entreaty and Rebekah conceived. Her womb, long closed up and barren, was opened by His mighty hand. He is truly the One who opens and closes the womb!

Oftentimes we can become weary and discouraged because our prayers are not being answered or they seem to fall on deaf ears. We become angry and frustrated because it seems all hope is lost and God doesn’t care about the agony and distress of our situation (or even someone else’s situation). It is precisely at these times that we most need to remember that the LORD still hears the prayers of those who fear Him and walk in His ways; indeed, He is still sovereign and supreme over the happenings and plights of His children in Christ. However, His timeline and His power is not limited to our finite perspective; rather, He is unlimited in what He can do to accomplish His purpose in us, for us, and through us.

My friend, do not lose heart. Look to Him – rightly surrendering your all into His hands and rightly responding to Him in humble obedience – and let Him answer the deepest desires of your heart – in His perfect time, with His perfect power, and for His perfect purposes and glory. His ear is attentive to the cries of His people, His grace is sufficient for their every need, and His authority to attend to their prayer is without limit.