Remember The Helper!

March 9th, 2021 – Tuesday Afternoon

“But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you.” ~John 14:26

What precious promises are contained in this passage! First off, the promise and coming of the Spirit of God (God indwelling man); next, God’s Spirit teaching His people of all things; finally, the Spirit’s reminders of all that Jesus said to His disciples. Each one of these aspects is connected and significant, especially when we pause to consider our own lives and existence. That the Creator and Sustainer of all would choose to rescue and redeem, then indwell finite and broken creatures is amazing!

In addition to awe and amazement, these truths give great purpose and confidence in the midst of our sin-stricken lives (lives that are often chaotic and lonely). No longer do we need to bounce from one thing to the next or wait for the next exciting event in order to find satisfaction and fulfillment; no longer do we need to lose the battle with temptation over and over again or bear the defeat that all too often comes at the end of the day. Our fears become powerless, our sufferings become glory, and our enemies become recipients of God’s mercy and grace.

How? Well, when you and I, as followers of Christ and branches of His Vine, remember the character and nature of God (including His indwelling of us), we realize that He is truly in charge – of our situation and of our surrendered hearts. This remembering puts us back into the right frame of mind, where He is good and just and righteous and preeminent, and it enables us to trust Him and find Him sufficient for our every need and situation. This remembering is especially important if we are to be equipped as warriors in the spiritual battle in which we are immersed and if we are to be truly prepared to suffer for the name of Christ. He is enough and His indwelling Spirit teaches, reminds, helps, guides, and empowers His children.

How about you and I? Have we found this to be true yet or are we still floundering through life on our own pitiful strength? John 3:34 reminds us that God does not give His Spirit by measure – those who belong to Him have full access to Him. Let us not short ourselves from experiencing the life of Christ or live a life that is devoid of His power. Remember, remember, remember; then, let Him have His way in helping you to live life with His fullness!