Reflect, Remember, Respond – Cultivating A Heart Of Worship

May 10th, 2022 – Late Tuesday Afternoon

“It came about after the death of Abraham, that God blessed his son Isaac; and Isaac lived by Beer-lahai-roi.” ~Genesis 25:11

There are two things that stick out in this passage: First, God blessed Abraham’s son, Isaac, after Abraham’s death; and then, second, Isaac lived by Beer-lahai-roi. Let’s examine both of these points further…

It is interesting that this verse is placed immediately after Abraham’s burial by the two most notable of his several sons, Isaac and Ishmael. It is also interesting that it was not until after Abraham died that God’s blessing of Isaac is mentioned (since Abraham lived well into Isaac’s lifetime – including 15 years into Jacob & Esau’s lives). Yet, the most interesting (and amazing) thing in this first point is that God blessed Isaac, the son of Abraham. Do you recall the promises of God to Abraham? The LORD God is a covenant-keeping God; He always keeps His promises to those who trust in Him. Always. Here, in this passage, He has again shown Himself to be true and faithful to His promises to Abraham by blessing his son in his stead!

As to the second point, Beer-lahai-roi is a significant historical and geographical landmark that testifies to God’s awesome character and goodness. If we go back to Genesis 16 and review the story of Hagar’s flight from Sarai, we find that this location is where the Angel of the LORD found Hagar. This spring of water in the wilderness was where He sent Hagar back to Sarai and where He encouraged her heart. Hagar’s response was one of awe-filled wonder and humble obedience; she is the one who called the LORD “You-Are-the-God-Who-Sees” (Beer-Lahai-Roi means “well of the Living One seeing me”). To hear that Isaac dwelt near there is another reminder of the LORD’s nature and mercy; He is indeed the Living God who sees!

I have been reminded again and again (especially recently) of the necessity of gratitude and worship – in my life and in the lives of all believers. It is not just because it is commanded and because it keeps us from grumbling and complaining (and thereby sinning against the LORD), but because gratitude rightly reflects the reality of who God is and it allows us to have His joy and grace in the midst of our need. The passage above serves to give us multiple reasons to pause and reflect, remember, and respond with a thankful heart of praise to the LORD.

Will you stop now and give Him the praise He deserves – with your heart, mind, mouth, and actions – because He is the Living God who sees us and who keeps His word? Will you thank Him for the blessings He bestowed on Isaac and the infinite blessings we have access to in Christ? Let us always look to Him – even in the darkest nights – cultivating a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving as we remember His wondrous works, His wonderful ways, and His bountiful grace.