Nothing Too Difficult

October 26th, 2021 – Tuesday Later Afternoon

“Is anything too difficult for the LORD?” ~Genesis 18:14a

In our natural, human perspective, we are tempted to take this excerpt from the story of Abraham & Sarah (and the LORD) and twist it to fit our particular circumstances or doubts. For instance, we might agree that nothing is too difficult, but end up confused, broken, and dejected when He doesn’t change our circumstance or alleviate our suffering. We might flat-out disagree because He didn’t do this or change that in the past and we “know” that He can’t actually do everything. Finally, we may just laugh because we really can’t accept a “yes” answer, but a “no” answer seems disrespectful or inapproachable.

It is clear that we will quickly get caught in the quagmire of the world, the flesh, and the devil in this matter, unless we allow the LORD to give us His perspective and grace. First off, the context of this question is found in the LORD’s declaration that Sarah will have a baby boy and Sarah’s subsequent laughter at such a preposterous (from a human perspective) thought. This is in line with the LORD’s promise to Abraham that he would have descendants through the son that would come from Sarah’s body. The question above comes as a part of the LORD’s rebuke, reiteration, and reply to Sarah’s laugh and it serves as a reminder of the omnipotence and authority of the LORD.

Secondly, when considering our own answer to the LORD’s question, we must take into account all of Scripture and what it tells us of the character and nature of God. By way of reminder, some of the other things we know about Him (besides His omnipotence and authority) is that He is always good, always righteous, always just, having no variation or shadow of turning and no “gray”, deceptive or dark, areas. Everything He does is done in accordance with His nature and character. Therefore, when He asks the question, “Is anything too difficult for the LORD?”, He is not asking if it is too difficult for Him to commit some sin or to do some outrageously terrible deed – no, absolutely not! It is not that those kinds of things are too difficult – it is that those kinds of thoughts, words, and actions are completely impossible for Him because they are contrary to His nature. No, it is not those types of things that the LORD is talking about; it is specifically in regard to things that are within His nature and character that He has all the power He needs to accomplish.

Finally, one more thing that we need to remember when we approach this question is that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts; He is God and we are not. Whatever is within His character and nature AND what is in accordance with His will is what He CAN do. In our passage today, He had already promised and declared what would be – He was most certainly capable of bringing that to pass! In our lives today, He is most definitely able to do what is best for us (who are in Christ Jesus) and what brings Him glory – because that is what He has already declared that He will do.

So how do you answer the LORD’s question about Himself? Do we believe – trust – that He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power (His) that works in us? There is nothing too difficult for Him…and that one of the most comforting and wonderful truths that I know!