Mercy & Instruction

June 5th, 2021 – Very Early Saturday Morning

“The earth is full of Your lovingkindness, O LORD;
Teach me Your statutes.” ~Psalm 119:64

Oh, the depth of the riches and the fullness of the mercy and kindness of God! Just stop and think for a minute… He has shown us mercy in allowing us to live right now…and now…and now…and as long as we have breath! He has given us the ability to comprehend and know things (like His mercy through Christ Jesus or even how to read this devotional); He hasn’t left us to wallow in our sin or live in despair; He gives the sunshine, the rain, the sky, and the flowers; He surrounds us with those who love us and He brings those who come to Him through Christ Jesus into His eternal and intimate family; the list could go on and on and on, but I think you get the point. God has, does, and will continue to show great mercy and lovingkindness to His creation; all one has to do is open his or her eyes and see it!

What of it? The Psalmist’s response is right on: If God’s fingerprints of mercy and kindness are on display (which they are) all through the earth, wouldn’t it make sense that a person who witnesses such lovingkindness might want to know the Giver of it on a more intimate level? Not only that, but it is God’s mercy which draws us to righteousness; God’s grace and kindness sent Jesus to Calvary, and it is His forgiveness and mercy which lead us to live godly and holy lives rooted in His truth. His mercy allows us to know Him, and our humble, obedient response by His Spirit allows us to experience His lovingkindness in deeper and fuller ways.

That last paragraph dealt with more of the philosophical “why” behind the “what”, but what is the what? The Psalmist doesn’t ask for more mercy or for a deeper understanding of that mercy (not that those things are bad) – no, he asks that the LORD teach him His statutes (enactments, decrees, ordinances, etc.). How would this lead to a greater understanding of God’s mercy or grace? Well, when we learn and study more of what God says and commands we learn more about who God is; when we know more of who God is, we cannot help but be changed by Him.

Right now, no matter how terrible or how wonderful your circumstances are, set your heart and eyes on Jesus and seek His perfect instruction through His Word and Spirit. We need His mercy, not just to get up tomorrow morning, but to live each moment for His honor and glory. Take the time TODAY to spend in quietness before His throne and don’t let the distractions of TOMORROW sway you from learning from Him now. We need each other and the encouragement and fellowship of the Body, but we need Him most of all.

The earth is indeed full of the mercy of the LORD! Thank You, Father! Be glorified in all the earth and in our lives too. Teach us to wait on You and to learn from You. Teach us more of Your Word so that we might know You more and be who You desire us to be!