Living in Response to His Ability

January 30th, 2021 – Saturday Early Evening

“Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy…” ~Jude 1:24

The point of this short passage doesn’t occur until verse 25, but we have taken the time to break down this verse as a means of heightening the impact of the point in verse 25. We discussed how “Him who is able” speaks to God’s power and capability; that power is specifically seen in His ability to guard His children from falling into the paths of sin as they walk with Him.

As you dig into the second part of this verse, it becomes clear from the words used that this section speaks of the place and process of judgment. “To make you stand” refers to how a defendant might stand before a council or judge. “In the presence” speaks to the place of judgment, while “glory” seems to point to the judicial majesty of God (as that seen on the last day). “Blameless” carries the meaning of being without blemish or faultless (it is the same word that is used in Philippians 2:15 where believers are called to become children of God who are without fault). Finally, “great joy” means just that – exultation or extreme joy (think of John the Baptist leaping for joy in Elizabeth’s womb).

If you put it all back together, this verse (while directed to the One who is sovereign over all) reminds believers that God is capable and powerful enough to protect them from falling into sin AND to make them stand faultless and without spot (and with extreme joy) in the very place of His righteous judgment. This reminder of God’s power, grace, and righteous judgment is the impetus for believers to a) live (by His Spirit) in such a way as to walk in His truth and protection from sin, b) rejoice with His joy, and, c) give God the praise that He is due.

Remember that the focus of this verse is not us; rather, the focal point of this verse is Him and His capability. Do you believe He is able to do what He says? If you and I do, then let us live for His glory by His strength and Spirit and let us rejoice and give Him praise!