Live (And Die) For Christ

“For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it.” ~Mark 8:35

Jesus’ words are simple, clear, and blunt: The person who tries to hoard their life and use it for themselves and the passing pleasures of this world will ultimately miss out on REAL life here and in eternity; they will lose the precious gift that God has given them because they tried to live it their own way. On the other hand, those who give up their lives to Christ and His Good News will find the fullness of life here and for all of eternity.

That statement may sound harsh and difficult, but the reality is that Christ has purchased us as His own possession; His Spirit indwells His people and calls us into holy intimacy. He knows what is best for us and He is good; even if He takes us through great trials, we find His grace sufficient and His peace beyond comprehension. That is MUCH more than those who do not know Him and His indwelling presence!

What about you? Are you finding the strength that you are relying on lacking? Are you disappointed and in great despair over what’s happening in your life? Are you anxious and worried? Angry? Fearful? Bouncing from pleasure to pleasure or pain to pain? Jesus’ words in Mark 8 are for you and for me; don’t waste your life on what doesn’t matter and find yourself empty here and eternal agony later. Surrender to Jesus and allow Him to use your life; you will find Him to be more than enough for your deepest desires and greatest longings.

Please take the half-hour or so to listen (or re-listen) to Bamshak’s sermon from Sunday. As you ponder what he says, specifically about being citizens of the King’s country and our responsibility to steward our time wisely, remember Jesus’ words in Mark 8. May we be faithful servants of the King of Kings and live this life to the fullest, in step with and submitted to His Spirit for His glory!

The link to the sermon is here (it is currently the first one on the list; it is from February 21st):