He Is Good

July 12th, 2021 – Late Monday Evening

“God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.” ~Genesis 1:31

For those of us who know God’s Word, truth, and Gospel, this verse may slip by us without a thought; we know that before sin entered the world through Adam everything was good. Sin has marred everything; it is the root cause of everything evil that we see and know: Pain, death, suffering, hurt, violence, guilt, shame, you name it – every trouble that we deal with is linked somehow back to sin and its consequences. So, when we read a verse like the one above we may be tempted to say, “Yeah, yeah, that was then and this is now” or “My, wouldn’t it have been wonderful to experience life before things weren’t all ‘very good’?”

Hold the phone. This devotional isn’t about sin, death, our perspective, or “if onlys”…This short stop on the road of life is about God and His goodness. Reread the verse above. Yes, we need to remember that life is hard now because of sin and its consequences; yes, life was wonderful before the Fall; yes, but… God said it was very good because it was very good, and, it was very good because He who made it – God – IS very good. His handiwork is a reflection of Him, just as our work reflects us; our work is imperfect and flawed, but His is perfectly beautiful, right, and truly excellent because that is who HE IS. He is very good. He is exceedingly excellent. Therefore, His work is greatly and exceedingly good and excellent.

Sin entered the world through Adam and forever marred the good creation of God, but it could not and cannot tarnish or alter His character, power, and goodness. Even in its tarnished state, though, the creation still reflects the goodness of God. I wear glasses, but the mere fact that my eyes and brain can compensate and accept a pair of spectacles is, well, SPECTACULAR!!! (Ok, so the pun was intended, but it’s still true!) God, in His goodness, continues to reign as Sovereign and Supreme over His creation, even though it is groaning under the weight and curse of sin. He gives grace and mercy in the midst of the pain His children endure, He gives strength and courage to those who are suffering, and He gives comfort and peace to those who are hurting or bereaved.

Isn’t God good? Isn’t His work good? If you are struggling to say “yes” remember that He has not forsaken His creation; He is still good and He is still God, even if our circumstances cloud our eyes. May you be reminded of His love and faithfulness and may He give you His grace, mercy, and peace through our Lord Jesus Christ. He is good, very good, and may He be glorified in and above all things!