He Is Able To Keep From Stumbling

January 26, 2021 – Tuesday Midday

“Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling…” ~Jude 1:24a

Last week the focus we took on this passage was on the first six words of this passage, specifically on the word “able” and what it means in light of God’s power and authority. Today, let’s take it one step further and one step closer to home: What is God able to do?

In this immediate context, Jude is communicating how the Lord is able (capable, powerful, and strong) to keep (guard, protect, care for) believers from stumbling. The word that is translated “stumbling” here only appears in Scripture in this particular verse. It is the word that is properly used of a horse – it means “not stumbling, standing firm, exempt from falling”. In other words, God is able to keep us who are in Christ from stumbling in our walk with Him; He is powerful and strong enough to protect us in standing firm and to guard us from falling to sin.

You might say, “Well, if He’s able, then why do we sin?” Go back to verses 20-21. God is more than able to do His work and to keep us from stumbling, but if we are not responding to Him in obedience and trust, we set ourselves up for failure. The problem is one of true belief; we do not really believe that He is able to keep us because if we did, we would also believe that with every temptation He has given a way of escape; if we believed He is able, we would stop kicking against the goads and we would humble ourselves under His care and correction; if we truly trusted His capability and sovereign wisdom, we would stop worrying and struggling with all of the cares and troubles of the flesh because we would know that He knows, He cares, He works, and He gives His Spirit without measure.

Is God really able to keep you from stumbling? Absolutely. The better question to ask, then, is: Am I throwing myself on Him and His ability or foolishly trusting my own way and my own power? He is able to guard and protect us from falling and He helps those who trust in Him (not those who help themselves!). This is where the rubber hits the road – let us rely on Him in prayer and obedience in this moment…and the next…and the next.

Thank you, Father! You are so good and so very great!