Created To Emulate

July 9th, 2021 – Late Friday Morning

“God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” ~Genesis 1:27

The crowning creation of God, after making everything else in the heavens and earth, was His making of man in His own image. The significance and value that He attached to this final creation is spectacular, especially when we consider all that He has made. Man, both male and female together, while small and seemingly insignificant in comparison to the majestic mountains and the scenic valleys, the blue skies and the deep oceans, the wide deserts and the innumerable stars, stands alone as the image-bearer of God. No thing, creature, power, or being possesses the place and prominence of mankind because no one and nothing else have been created with and loved in such depth by the Living God.

Since all of that is true and we have the cross and empty grave as witnesses of His love, mercy, and truth, your circumstances and life RIGHT NOW are of utmost importance. Don’t be mistaken – you are special and precious to God, not because of your own merit or abilities, but because you are His creation and image-bearer. You and I are nothing in and of ourselves, but because of Him and because of Christ in us, we are privileged to reflect Him and to emulate Him in whatever situation we find ourselves in. Your suffering, your trials, your trouble, your loss, your pain, your joys, everything…all of it is an opportunity to praise the One who created you in His own image and to live by His power and authority.

Will you join me in this? May we be diligent to rest in Him and to live with this in mind – we are image-bearers, special loved creations, of the LORD God Almighty!