Consider Him Faithful

December 12th, 2021 – Late Monday Morning

“By faith even Sarah herself received ability to conceive, even beyond the proper time of life, since she considered Him faithful who had promised.” ~Hebrews 11:11

In reading, this morning, what I am expecting to be a sermon text later this month, this verse stuck out at me as it relates to some of the last few devotionals in Genesis. As it seems the Lord has given me the go-ahead for using this passage today, here we go…

This verse, written roughly 1500 years after the original narrative in Genesis (which was written several hundred years after the events), gives us a little more background information on how the situation unfolded. In Genesis we find that Sarah laughed at the thought of having a baby in her old age, but then that she laughed again (and named her son “Laughter” {Isaac}) after she did indeed conceive and give birth. This was all in accordance with the promise of the LORD God to Abraham (and Sarah) Here in Hebrews, we see the how behind the happenings; of course it was due to God’s working, but how did it play out?

Read the verse again. It is clear that Sarah, old (by everyone’s standard) as she was, trusted in the LORD and found His faithfulness sufficient to fulfill His promise. Did you get that? Sarah had faith – not in herself, nor in her ability to conceive, nor in her husband’s ability to deposit seed, nor in any other earthly factor; rather, she had faith in the LORD and in HIS ability to do what He said He would do. Because she trusted the LORD, her husband wasn’t too old, her body wasn’t too frail, and she was blessed with her very own baby boy. He had proven Himself worthy of trust again!

The question for us, then, is really quite simple: Do we consider Him to be faithful to Himself and to His Word?