Believe The LORD

October 1st, 2021 – Friday Evening

“Then he believed in the LORD; and He reckoned it to him as righteousness.” ~Genesis 15:6

The LORD is worthy of our belief. Do you believe that?

Abram was credited with righteousness, not because he did anything “righteous”, but because he trusted the LORD. This action on Abram’s part comes upon the heels of a promise made by the LORD. Abram could have disbelieved the LORD, but he chose to place his confidence in the LORD and therefore in His promise to him. The LORD, for His part, reckoned (imputed) Abram’s action (of belief) as righteousness to him; He credited righteousness to Abram’s account because Abram took Him at His word.

There are at least two things we can glean about the LORD from this passage. First, only the LORD can truly account righteousness to any person. Throughout all of Scripture, trusting in the LORD has been the only means of obtaining righteousness. From Enoch to Abram to Samson to David to Isaiah to Malachi to Simeon to Simon to Paul to John to you and I, only by believing the LORD can we find righteousness. Only He can credit it and only in Him can we find it. (Even under the Old Covenant, people could not earn their own righteousness – only by trusting Him and therefore doing what He said was it to be found. Today it is found in trusting in Christ and walking in His righteousness – also not in our own effort.)

Second, the LORD is worthy of being trusted. Abram had just received an enormous promise from the LORD that seemed preposterous (see the previous few verses), especially given Abram’s age; yet, Abram counted the LORD worthy of being trusted, and, received not only the original promised blessing as a result, but also righteousness from the LORD on top of it. The LORD doesn’t give vain promises and He doesn’t let down those who depend on Him; rather, He abundantly blesses, He generously provides, and He proves Himself true again and again and again.

Do we believe the LORD? Do we take Him at His Word and trust in Him alone? He still gives righteousness to those who find their confidence in Him through Christ, and He will always prove Himself trustworthy to those who believe Him.

Thank You, God, that You are worthy of belief and that You are righteous! Thank You for giving Your righteousness to those who trust in You! Help us to live lives of belief and trust in You in all things, in all ways, and at all times, by the power of Your Spirit. Thank You that You will! You are worthy of all praise!