A Testimony To The LORD’s Goodness And Faithfulness

April 26th, 2022 – Tuesday Afternoon

“Now Abraham was old, advanced in age; and the LORD had blessed Abraham in every way.” ~Genesis 24:1

What a testimony this verse is of the goodness and faithfulness of the LORD God!

Here we see two things in particular: First, Abraham is old – advanced in age; the LORD had called him to depart from his home when he was 75 years old, and now we see him here possibly 65 years later (Isaac was roughly 40 years old at this point; Sarah had borne Isaac to Abraham when Abraham was 100 years old). It wasn’t that Abraham was such a strong man with great health or ability; rather, the LORD had strengthened, preserved, and protected Abraham throughout all of those years. Now he has reached an advanced age and what is coupled with that is the LORD’s blessing; not only is he old, but he is old and blessed.

That brings us to the second example of the LORD’s goodness and faithfulness: We are told that the LORD had blessed Abraham in every way. Notice that it is not just in wealth and possessions, not just in safety and security, not just with children and faithful servants; no, the LORD had blessed Abraham in EVERY way. (Remember how Abimelech and Phicol had realized that God was with Abraham back in chapter 21?) Abraham’s life was full of the blessings of the LORD in every regard.

There are definitely some significant differences between our lives and Abraham’s, but there is one thing, for sure, that is the same: The goodness and faithfulness of the LORD. If you and I stop and think it is easy to see the blessings of the LORD in our lives; even in the hardships, the trials, the griefs, and the losses, His abundant grace, mercy, and peace is overwhelmingly apparent. He never forsakes those who trust in Him and He pours out His favor, aid, and gifts upon those who walk in His ways. Whether we live to be old and advanced in years like Abraham or we die young like James (see Acts 12), we can always rest in the LORD’s goodness and take comfort and courage in His faithfulness.

When is the last time you praised Him for His goodness and faithfulness – both to others and to you yourself? I can guarantee you that we will never run out of reasons to worship Him or blessings to sing His praise if we would only begin to give Him the honor that He deserves. He is the LORD – the Faithful God and the Father who gives good gifts. Praise His holy name!